Mountain Weather Forecast

Time and Day: 0715 Sunday
The Snapshot: Warm, sunny, and dry to finish the 2018 operating season!
The Science
Current Observations:1” of snow fell during the day yesterday at seasonally cool temperatures. A clear night with cool air in place lead to temperatures dropping well below freezing. It’s currently 28 degrees in the base area and 24 on the upper mountain. Winds are light from the west and the barometer has risen to 1024mb’s.
The Forecast: A strong high pressure ridge begins building today. Temperatures should rise rapidly under clear skies. Easterly flow through the passes should develop Sunday night, leading to light temperature inversions. They should be minimal with warm air in place everywhere this time of year.

The Long Range: Sunny and warm is the story for the rest of the week. Freezing levels will climb further on Tuesday and Wednesday, likely reaching 11-12k’!
24hr values daily 4am to 4am. Precipitation: Sunday’s 24hr water: 0 Snow: 0
Monday’s24hr water: 0 Snow: 0
Trend a…

8:03 Start No ABS Sunday April 22nd

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Mountain Weather Forecast

Time and Day: 1000 Saturday
The Snapshot: Light snow showers and mostly cloudy, cool, today. Warm and sunny on Sunday.
The Science
Current Observations:A strong inch of snow fell overnight, with temperatures falling down to 31 in the base area and 27 on the upper mountain overnight. Winds are moderate from the west, and the barometer has been steady.
The Forecast: A quick moving cool trough is transiting Washington today. Westerly flow behind it will maintain mostly cloudy skies Saturday. Precipitation should end after noon. High pressure rebuilds overnight Saturday, bringing a return to warm weather and clear skies.

The Long Range: A strong high pressure ridge will be over the PNW next week with sunny skies and freezing levels reaching 10,000’. The other kind of spring.
24hr values daily 4am to 4am. Precipitation: Saturday’s 24hr water: .1-.25 Snow: 1-3”
Sunday’s24hr water: 0 Snow: 0
Trend and Timing: Snow showers should end Saturday afternoon. Sunday will be dry.
Temperature: Low: 27 …

8am Start No ABS April 21

Mountain Weather Forecast

Time and Day: 0735 Friday
The Snapshot: Partly cloudy and mild Friday. Rain/snow mix to start Saturday, transitioning to moderate snow during the day.
The Science
Current Observations:No precip in the past 48 hours. Temperatures cooled to 32 across the mountain overnight. Winds are light from the west with mostly clear skies and approaching clouds from the west. The barometer has been steady around 1020 for the past 24 hours.
The Forecast: A quick moving trough and cold front are approaching Washington State this morning. Increasing clouds will be the main result during the day Friday. Precip starts after midnight, likely beginning as rain. Snow levels fall behind the front, dropping to pass level. A moderate shot of snow is possible mid-Saturday morning.

The Long Range: The trough moves east on Sunday with high pressure rebuilding. A prolonged dry and sunny period looks likely beginning Sunday.
24hr values daily 4am to 4am. Precipitation: Friday’s 24hr water: .25 Snow: 0-2”


Stevens Pass Mountain Weather Forecast
Day and Time: Thursday 0900
The Snapshot:It is good to see the sun, eh?Clear and dry spring-like weather will be on tap through tomorrow.Fresh snow will start the day on Saturday with the sun and dry conditions returning for the final day of the season.
The Science
Current Observations: It is a beautiful clear morning here at Stevens Passwith the temperatures on the upper mountain already reaching into the 400’s . The barometer is 1019mb’s and rising. The satellite image has sunshine and dry conditions throughout the PNW.
The Forecast: This ridge of high pressure over the region will keep the sky clear and dry through tomorrow.The ridge is expected to flatten and drift south tomorrow which will open the door for a weak system to track in on Saturday morning with snow.
A cold front with cool NW air to tow will produce one more shot of snow for the season. This system is fairly weak with a high pressure ridge hot on it heals. We should see a few inches …

8am start No ABS Friday the 20th

Mid-Day Weather Update

Mid-Day Weather Update
Time: 1000 am
Changes to morning forecast: The models weren’t quite lining up with what the radar was showing this morning. I was curious if the precipitation totals would be upgraded with the new model run.And they have.
The mechanisms remain the same with increased precipitation.
High pressure is still expected to bring an end to the precipitation early Wednesday morning.
New values:
24hr values daily 4am to 4am. Precipitation: Today 24hr water: 1+ snow: 10-14
Tomorrow’s 24hr water: .75-1 snow: 6-10
Trend and Timing: Snow will increase today and continue through early Wednesday morning.

Temperature: Low:26 High: 30 Freezing level: 3500-4000’
Trend and Timing: Freezing levels will settle around 3700’ today and remain around that level through tomorrow.



Time: 0700 Sunday
The Snapshot:Light high mountain snow and pass level/valley rain showers with the temperature peaking near 40 degrees can be expected today. Heavy snow is being cued up for tomorrow’s employee ride day.
The Science
Current Observations: Well, last night’s storm seemed to have lost its punch.This morning’s radar has light snow showers gathering along the Cascade Crest and tracking SW/NE.
1” of snow was squeezed out of .63” of water over the last 24hrs. The temperature profile is 33 base / 30 ridge, the barometer has dropped to 1010mb’s. The winds are light and out of the west.
The Forecast:  The dropping barometer is the indicator of the low-pressure system moving into the region.This will provide a wide variety of weather over the next 24-36 hrs: for today, warm daytime temperatures with developing east/offshore flow and light intermittent precipitation.
For tomorrow, cool unstable NW flow fills in as the low-pressure system heads for Canada.Moderate to heavy snow can be …


More spring pow to play with tomorrow.


Time:1030 Saturday
The Snapshot:This moderate to heavy mixed rain and snow game will continue through the weekend.
The Science
Current Observations: 1.42” of water produce 13” of snow overnight.It is snowing with the temperature profile at 34base/32ridge.The winds are WSW at 5-10 mph.The barometer is stuck on 1019mb’s.The radar has a long fetch of moisture stretching out to the SW tracking NE.
The Forecast: Unstable SW flow has filled in behind the warm front that passed over Stevens Pass about an hour ago.A steady stream of moisture will continue to track through the Central Cascades with moderate to heavy precipitation expected through the night. There will be a short lull in the precipitation tomorrow morning with another shot of moderate to heavy moisture (snow) early Monday morning.
The Long Range:The precipitation machine keeps cranking through Tuesday.Models are starting to come into alignment with high pressure building over the region on Wednesday for a taste of actual spring.