Stevens Pass Closed for the Season

Good morning all you grand mountain folks.   

Vail Resorts has announced that all Vail Resorts will be closed for the season.  

Thus, weather forecasting will also be done as well.    

Until next time, everyone be safe, healthy and get some high mountain social distancing in when ever you can. 

John Meriwether


Stevens Pass Mountain Weather Forecast Monday, March 16, 2020, 1100
California is finally getting snow with Tahoe receiving close to 4’ over the last few days. “Just sayin”
Current Observations: 24hr Precipitation:0 Temperature profile:23 base,33 ridge Pass level winds:light, north easterly Barometer:1020mb’s and rising Sky:clear and sunny Radar:dry and clear throughout the State

The Forecast: This week will start out mostly clear with daytime temperature reaching into the mid to upper 40’s.
The Science:As you can tell by the current 10 degree temperature inversion, our brief cold snap is ending. A strong high pressure system parked over the interior west will keep the PNW dry, clear and relatively warm through at least Thursday. Temperatures will move towards a diurnal pattern with a good melt-freeze snow cycle developing.
A low pressure cell will track down the coast later this week for a chance of some light mixed rain and snow showers for the Central Cascades.
Long Range.Clouds move in…

7:30 No ABS Sunday the 15th


Stevens Pass Mountain Weather Forecast Date: Saturday, March 14, 2020

Current Observations: 24hr Precipitation: 5” snow / .45” SWE Temperature profile:21 base / 16 mid mtn Pass level winds: Moderate easterly Barometer: Steady at 1002 Sky: Overcast, snowing lightly Radar: Widespread showers across the PNW, heaviest at the WA/OR border

The Forecast: Cold and mostly cloudy today with gusty east winds, becoming clear overnight, sunny and cold Sunday. 
The Science: A large low pressure trough arrived from the north yesterday and continued south overnight, with the frontal band now sitting just south of the WA/OR border. The center of the low passed well to the west of the Crest, so precipitation and snow accumulation near and west of the crest was unimpressive, however the circulation around the low lead to an upslope snow event on the east side of the crest (“wrap around moisture”). To illustrate this unusual pattern: Mission Ridge received 15” of snow overnight while Mt. Baker recorded 1”. …

7:30 Start Sat March 14th no ABS


Stevens Pass Mountain Weather Forecast Friday, March 13, 2020, 0900
Current Observations: 24hr Precipitation:.01 swe,1” of snow Temperature profile:26 base, Pass level winds:light to moderate easterly Barometer:1009mb’s and falling Sky:obscure and snowing Radar:widespread moisture over western Washington tracking SSE.

The Forecast: Snow today with falling temperatures and gusty winds, snow tapers off early tomorrow morning with clear and sunny condition expected by Sunday.
The Science:The anticipated low pressure system is making its move this morning spreading precipitation into the region. This storm has a few components that may prevent Stevens Pass from getting significant snow.First, it is tracking north to south along the coast, so the direct impact will be to the southern and eastern Cascades.Second, it is moving fast, and thus the period of precipitation will be fairly short lived.Third, a cold, dry air mass is driving in from the NE – this will aid in drying the upper atmosphere…

8:00 Start Friday March 13th no ABS


Stevens Pass Mountain Weather Forecast Thursday, March 12, 2020, 1000
Current Observations: 24hr Precipitation:0 Temperature profile:24 base,20 ridge Pass level winds:light westerly Barometer:1021mb’ and holding Sky: overcast Radar: There are no precipitation echo’s on this morning’s regional radar
The Forecast: Today will be dry with sun breaks.Light snow arrives mid-day tomorrow with seasonally cold temperatures. The Science:The clouds will begin to increase today in response to the low pressure systems developing off shore.Unfortunately, these systems will only produce a few inches of snow for Stevens Pass.The weather topic of the weekend will be the temperatures.As these systems slide south of the region, they will pull in cold arctic air from the interior north east.Early morning temperatures could drop into the low teens Saturday and Sunday. Warmer air filters in early next week with continued dry conditions for the PNW.
Long Range:The weekend will be mostly dry with increasing sunsh…


Stevens Pass Mountain Weather Forecast Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 1100
Current Observations: 24hr Precipitation:.01, swe,1” of snow Temperature profile:30 base, 25 ridge Pass level winds:moderate westerly Barometer:holding at 1013mb’s Sky:overcast and lightly snowing Radar: snow showers in the weakening convergence zone with little moisture making it to Stevens Pass

The Forecast: Diminishing snow showers with falling temperatures can be expected today.Mostly dry tomorrow with snow arriving on Friday.
The Science: The cold front expected to move over the mountains last night has stalled and is currently draped over the western portion of the state.As it creeps its way east, temperatures will fall with light intermittent snow shower left in its wake.Pressure gradients relax over the next 12hrs as cool dry northerly flow streams into the region.
A tightly packed low pressure system will track south along the PNW coast on Friday bringing snow to the mountains along with further falling tempe…